Private School Websites

for people who hate dealing with websites

We create websites that come with one thing most other companies leave out.
A reasonably priced person at the end of a working phone number.

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Private Schools

Our emphasis is on providing you with a website that will make people WANT to visit your school. We concentrate on Marketing. After all, if no one enrolls who cares what kind of website you have?

See for yourself!

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All Sites Feature:

  • A Slide Show
  • A School Calendar
  • Add as many links as you wish
  • Add text at will
  • Add photos to that text
  • Add YouTube videos
  • Upload Word and PDF files
  • Easily link to the uploaded files
  • Each Teacher gets:
  • A Newsletter
  • Add photos to the Newsletter
  • A place to post homework
  • A Newsletter for each Team and Club you wish.

Optional Features:

  • One hour of Tech Services per month. Just call, we'll handle the rest!
  • Professional Artwork. Bring life to your Slide Show, add Custom Graphics.
  • Professional Video Editing. Nothing shows off your school like a professional video!
  • A Photo Gallery

About Us:

We are a diverse group of people located all over the Eastern US.

Our parent company, Solar Industrial Co LLC and our lawyer are in Concord, New Hampshire. This makes life easier for our Accountant.

Most of our designers are near Nashville, Tennessee.

Our programmers are in New York City.

Our Sales Reps are located all over the place!


The Bottom Line:

  • We can have you up & running in under 2 weeks.
  • No volunteers.
  • No excuses!
  • No learning curve.
  • No maintenance.
  • A REAL PERSON to talk to.
  • For A LOT Less than you would think.

What YOU need:

  • A domain name. (www.yourschool.org) Don't have one? Don't know what this is? No problem. We can take care of that.
  • Photos of your school.
  • An idea of what you want to say about your school.
  • A telephone and/or email account.